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DRE: 1101558

  • Kristin Best is a real estate professional with a wide array of experience from market
    knowledge and deal negotiation to interior design and staging. Kristin loves finding
    clients exactly what they are looking for and helping them achieve their dreams and
  • Specializing in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, Kristin, is a detail-oriented, creative and
    hard-working native Californian. She enjoys serving a variety of clients, from first-time
    homebuyers to luxury sellers and is exceptional at coordinating the intricacies of the real
    estate process.
  • As an agent, she delights in the opportunity to serve as a trusted advisor and works to
    mitigate stress throughout the buying and selling processes.
  • For more than 22 years, Southern California is the place that Kristin and her family have
    called home. In that time, she and her husband have bought, leased, sold and remodeled
    homes and are themselves commercial real estate investors.
  • Kristin believes in the Golden Rule which is treating people the way she would like to be
    treated and believes that the client-agent relationship is a true partnership, she takes
    pride in developing that partnership, working together toward her client’s goals with the
    same determination she would as if they were her own.
  • With Kristin and the SunnyHill Realty team, clients benefit from a personal approach to
    real estate, access to the latest information on both the property and financing sides, and
    superior customer service.
  • We look forward to working with you!
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