About SunnyHill Realty

Sunnyhill simplifies the real estate experience through a unique platform that seamlessly integrates the real estate world with lending. Sunnyhill’s customer focus provides the perfect balance of top talent with technology that provides a standout value proposition for all our customers.
Real Estate and Mortgage enthusiasts, friends, and now co-founders at SunnyHill Realty.

Dave Cunningham, Tyler Flora & Ben Robinson had a chance meeting through a mutual client back in early 2019. Tyler & Ben already had a very successful mortgage brokerage in operation and had an inclination towards expanding their platform while Dave had been working in a very established Bay Area real estate company. “I was always interested in having my own business. I had a comprehensive knowledge of both the East Bay and San Francisco marketplaces, having lived in each for much of my adult life. With my past corporate experience in growing companies as well as my passion for real estate and residential properties, I wanted to apply my own experiences in buying and selling homes — from development and renovation to sales and acquisition I ultimately want to build a world-class Real estate company” says Dave

On the other hand, Tyler & Ben’s vision was to build a portfolio of business services that would result in a ubiquitous and seamless experience for a client no matter what side of the transaction they were involved with.” At the time we were looking to round out the financial side of the transaction and our next move was to have a real estate firm that would enable 100% visibility and comfort during a stressful process for our clients. There is so much fragmentation in the industry and the idea of building a platform that successfully supports every angle and is a true one-stop shop for the client fits our goals perfectly” says Tyler

“Our goals were completely aligned with Dave, so hence over a casual lunch in November of 2019, Sunny Hill Real Estate was born. I am so proud of Sunnyhill Realty’s client focus. It provides the perfect balance of communication and transparency. Our talented realtors and loan advisors work together to offer the best option for your home-buying needs and ensure a quick and smooth closing. We don’t just want to be an industry leader we want to be the conduit that transforms it for the better” says Ben.

Sunny Hill Realty is your one-stop shop for all your real estate needs.
Side view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CaliforniaSide view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California